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At YSDRS we take the placement of dogs very seriously and so should you. We personally screen and select the forever families that are most suitable for the individual rescue. We often have several inquiries for each rescue so we can’t place a dog in every home. We trust all our supporters understand. 


The majority of our dogs arrive from India and go straight into their forever homes. Dogs are observed, by our partners in India, so we are aware of potential behavior issues and to see their temperaments. This enables us to successfully place our rescues with the most suitable family. 


Having said that, with any dog, different behavior can present while in their forever home. Remembering these are rescues and pariah dogs are very smart, they have a fine tuned survival instinct. It’s important to be open to working with trained professionals, with rescue experience, in order to give the dog it’s best chance at thriving within the environment you’re providing for them. Often times if some behavior presents it can be something happening within the home or even human language that we might not even be aware of. The experts are here to guide us and show us what the dogs are trying to communicate in their language, through different stages of their lives. 


We also do bloodwork and health exams once the rescue is in our care so we are aware of their health status. We believe in full transparency with our rescues so families are aware and prepared should extra support be needed for the dog to transition.  


Our rescues are adopted to you with their up to date vaccinations, including rabies, health records and a microchip that you register with your information.


In some cases we place them in a foster home for observation. Other times they go to foster until a suitable home is found or the family selected is available to bring them home.


In the last week our entire world has changed. We have closed borders, shut down businesses and learned about social distancing - everyday new information alters our reality. In this time of uncertainty and unknown, we remain positive within our thoughts so we can continue to support our community.

The majority of us are staying home to work and play, this creates the ultimate environment for welcoming one of our rescues into the home. As a result, many of you have reached out to foster or adopt and we have been inundated with inquiries. Each inquiry we receive matters, your support for these dogs is incredibly important and we greatly value you as our community.


At this time all of our adoptable dogs scheduled to arrive in Vancouver over the next two weeks have been delayed due to the travel restrictions, all their flights have been cancelled. Tourist visas have been suspended indefinitely and we have been informed the borders in and out of India will close starting April. 


These events may very well change the way our operations unfold as we move forward. For now we will focus on supporting our partners on the ground in India, there is still so much we can all do to help the dogs on the street needing intervention. Our fundraising is ongoing for sterilizations, vaccinations, emergency medical care, feeding programs and transportation (when adoptions resume). Donations can be made on 'donate' page. We are very appreciative of any support you can offer to help these dogs in need. Together we can help the street dog population heal as we begin to end the cycle of suffering for so many. 

From all of us at YSDRS, we will stay within the vibration of love and possibility at this time. We wish you and your loved ones to be safe and well. This too shall pass!

We will continue to monitor the situation with COVID-19 as it unfolds and look forward to getting back to our adoption efforts as soon as possible. 

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