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"I was a flight volunteer from Delhi to Vancouver, and was lucky enough to help bring two rescued puppies to their forever homes. As someone who was unfamiliar with the process, I was initially nervous and unsure of what to expect. Yogi Street Dog Rescue was super helpful in coordinating the process, answering all of my questions, and clarifying what would happen at each step of the process. It was clear from my communication with the Founder, that she is so passionate and dedicated. Her partners in India (Dr. Choudhary and the Petfly team) made my check-in and departure experience a breeze, and stayed with me all the way until I boarded the plane!"



“We were super excited and nervous about adopting a dog. YSDRS helped us gain confidence and connect us with the most wonderful puppy! Scout is the most adorable and affectionate puppy - everyone says she is the prettiest girl on the island. She’s just so awesome! She is super healthy and has a lovely soft coat that doesn’t shed much. She is showing great temperament and intelligence.

We feel very fortunate and can’t imagine life without her now. We have Melody and YSDRS to thank for all the joy Scout is bringing to our life. I highly recommend YSDRS! These dogs are beautiful, adaptable and smart, and need loving homes. The YSDRS is doing amazing work - let them help you find the most bestest friend you’ve ever had.”

-Ronan & Amy

"It took just one look at his face on the Yogi Street Dog Rescue Society’s Instagram page for me to realize that ‘Husky’ (now ‘Bindi’) was meant to be with my family and I.

BUT - the pup was in India and I’m in Vancouver.

I was initially intimidated by what I thought was going to be an extremely challenging and expensive process.  As it turns out, I was completely (and happily!) wrong on both fronts.


I can’t thank Melody and her amazing team enough for making the entire adoption/transportation/reunion process so simple and smooth!

The fosters that she works with in India are clearly loving, caring people who are passionate about what they do.

They find dogs in desperate need of a home, take them off the streets, give them the medical attention and love they deserve, and then find them a loving forever home.

Melody also works with a vet (Dr. Choudhary) who ensures that your future family member is healthy and in the best condition to fly to their new home. The Petfly team make the travel process as simple as possible for you and your pup.

I’m still so in awe of Melody and all the caring people both here and abroad who help make this entire adoption process possible.

Melody also checks in every once in a while to make sure that you and your pup are adjusting well, and offers advice and encouragement if you need it.

Bindi has completely changed my life, and it’s all thanks to Yogi Street Dog Rescue Society. I honestly cannot recommend them enough!

I also encourage anyone who is looking to foster, or even just act as a travel companion for these pups to please reach out to Melody and her team. You won’t regret it and it’s life changing for everyone involved."


-Carmen Cruz

"Yogi Street Dog Rescue (YSDRS) made our family complete...


We knew we wanted to rescue a dog but we weren’t sure where to start. After following YSDRS’s journey and learning so much from them, our hearts were open to the opportunity to welcome home a dog in need. Then, on our routine check-in on Instagram, we were looking to see what they were up to. It was then that we fell in love and our sweet girl would soon be in her forever home. We couldn’t wait to make her part of our little family. 


YSDRS answered all of our questions and showed us so much love and support along the way. Today, we are happy to call them family and could not recommend them more if you’re wanting to adopt or learn more on what you can do to help."



-The luckiest owners of Juniper 

"We picked up our desi dog Phoebe on April 1st, she has been an absolute sweetheart from the very beginning. Our local rescue dog Murphy, who is four years old, took awhile to accept a new dog in our home, but he just loves her now. She is gentle, great with children, other dogs, and the cutest puppy you will see.


You can check her and her buddy Murphy out at their Instagram page  @2dorkdogs


We love her and recommend any rescue from Melody @ Yogi Street Dog Rescue Society"

-Jen & David

"I am incredibly thankful that I found Melody and Yogi Street Dog Rescue when I did. Adopting Bina to our family has been nothing but a positive experience from day one. When I saw her little face on Instagram I knew she was meant for us. From the phone interview, to meeting at the airport to pick up our pup we always felt supported and knew that Melody was there for any support we needed after Bina came home. 


Meeting and staying connected with other adoptive families has also been amazing. We are forever grateful for the work this Society is doing and I feel blessed to help in any way I can. 


Thank you for all you are doing...the thought of our “little bean” living on the streets is too much to even think about. We are forever grateful."

-Megan M.

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to foster Minto! It had been a wonderful experience, your support and guidance was very helpful.


I appreciate so much that you listened to my thoughts on what was best for Minto! He's now found forever and I can't wait to hear all the updates from his new home!!"

-Leanne P. 

"Our experience with Melody of Yogi Street Dog Rescue Society was just amazing. After deciding to welcome another pup into our lives, we went with Melody because we could see the dedication and passion she has for ensuring these wonderful dogs get a second chance at a better life.


The process was really smooth and Melody was really great at answering our questions. We picked up our pup, Nico, on July 2, 2019 and it’s been such a fun ride since then! He made our other dog, Charlie, a “big brother” and we’re incredibly fortunate to have found him the way we did.


For anyone considering adopting through YSDRS, please do, it’s such a rewarding experience!"

-Danielle & Peter

“I was looking for a buddy for my 7 year old dog Yogi and I knew I wanted a rescue. I was so incredibly fortunate to run into YSDRS on Instagram and after getting in contact with Melody she showed me a litter of pups and Indie was amongst them.  I immediately fell in love with her and knew she was the one for us.


Melody made it incredibly smooth and really financially accessible to adopt from India. From the very start Indie has bonded with Yogi and myself. She’s the perfect mix of sweet, love and sass and she’s very attached to us. We really enjoy the meet ups with the other YSDRS families where we feel part of a community.


If you ever considered rescuing, know that your saving a dog from the street and a miserable life. To think of our little Indie on street brings tears to my eye, but because we chose YSDRS, she’s safe and loved with us. If you want to see her life – Instagram @yogiandindiesadventures”


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