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spay & neuter  

population control is the solution to

end suffering.....

💛 As you may know, population control i
Ashok Vihar, Delhi _6 more pups picked u

This region shown, Ashok Vihar, now has a stable dog population. 

One of our puppies returning to her territory after her surgery. Look how happy she is!

Yogi Street Dog Rescue Society - On-going Spay/Neuter Drive

We're happy to announce a new collaboration working with Dogs of Delhi Spay and Neuter which started in October of 2019.

We are raising funds of $22 Canadian per dog, this is inclusive of trapping, transportation, surgery, post operative care as well as an anti-rabies vaccination. 

Female dogs give birth to about 16 pups a year, sterilizing one female dog means 67,000 lesser pups in just 6 years because her daughters also start reproducing by 6 months of age. Each male dog can impregnate up to 100 female dogs. This is why we sterilize both female and male dogs.

Our goal, to work in one or two regions at a time to stabilize the dog population before moving on to other areas. 

Mortality rates for street dogs in India are so high, less than a fifth of the dogs survive till their reproductive age (5-6 months); puppies mostly die agonizing death due to oncoming traffic, poisoning, brutality or just lack of shelter. The ones that do make it are left fending for themselves, in a constant battle to survive.

The last survey by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation in 2016 puts dog population in areas of South Delhi at 1,89,285 out of which only 64,837 were found sterilized. A proper census of dogs all over Delhi hasn’t been conducted but there’s absolutely no doubt that the numbers have sky-rocketed.

We want to put an end to this seemingly endless cycle of suffering and give these beautiful creatures a chance at a better life.

Sterilization is a very standard procedure for which complete recovery takes less than a week. Canine and feline experts and veterinarians across the world agree that spay/neuter programs have proven health benefits for dogs. 

Who is our collaborator?
Dogs of Delhi (DOD) is a sterilization initiative run by two individuals aiming to stabilize dog populations on the streets of Delhi. DOD provides an affordable and safe way to sterilize and vaccinate the community dogs of Delhi NCR.

In order to have success with this spay/neuter drive we are relying on your kind donations. Please help us end the unnecessary suffering of these homeless animals in need. 

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