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adoption fees collected go directly to our rescue efforts. all our efforts are volunteer based and no person involved benefits financially.

Adoption Opportunity_ Puchku, the Tripod

 puchku/gama -ADOPTED

Current Location: Vancouver

Age: 5 months

Gender: Female
Breed: Indian Pariah
Health: Good, up to date vaccinations

Puchku is a tripod, but that does not slow her down at all!

She arrived 2 weeks ago and is looking for a forever family to call her own. We thought she had a forever home but they've decided now isn't the right time to make a forever commitment.


From her current handlers:
"Puchku is a very sweet puppy. Though wary at first, she is very polite with everyone she greets.

She seems to favour soft squeaky toys, but enjoys puzzle toys and hard rubber chews like West Paw Zogoflex Hurley and regular Kongs well enough. She enjoys fetch (or keep away!) and loves thrown sticks as well. She's a very mobile pup despite only having three legs, and she can confidently and quickly traverse a long flight of carpeted stairs, up and down. She can also jump much higher than you might expect. She is not comfortable with cats, but shows interest in them.

She's had very few mistakes with house training, it helps if feed at the same times each day. If walked in the evening and taken out for a last bathroom break before bed, she can almost always sleep soundly through the night.

She's food motivated, a very good training motivator. She already knows how to sit fairly reliably. She's a very curious pup, loves her stretches and belly rubs, and wants to stay close to her human."

She is still transitioning to life in Canada, like all our rescues, will need time to settle in to this life where everything is so new.

Her rescue story:
Puchku is a tripod, she was born with a stump, her entire paw was missing. She was rescued with severe chest congestion and had fluid filled in her lungs which took 3 months to recover. Her leg was amputated recently and doctors expect her to heal within a weeks time.

If you're that special family interested in this tripod, we would love to hear from you!

Our International Adoption Program is currently on hold due to complications caused by the global pandemic   

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