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Updated: Apr 4, 2020

She was once someones pet dog and then they dumped her, left to fend for herself on the dangerous street.

This sweet little angel has been abandoned on the ghats of Rishikesh, India. Her original welcome by the resident dogs was regular attacks that left her severely wounded and in shock. She had kind local residents and young guardians help her to survive, but her injuries have persisted.

Her sweet nature, however challenged it has been, has survived and shines on. This is clearly a former pet dog, who for whatever reason was left to survive on her own on the ghat. Very tough. Rishikesh Animal Care intervened removing her from the streets and placing her in boarding until YSDRS was able to get her on a plane and into her forever home.

Devi now lives the most beautiful life with her new family. She even has her own Instagram page! Follow her to see her living her best life @mydogdevi

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