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Kim is home

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Three girls (K-sisters) were rescued from a highway in Jaipur. There were many more siblings but the others were crushed under speeding cars. So the caretaker brought them home. We were lucky enough to bring two of them to their forever homes in Canada. Kim is a very sweet and affectionate puppy. She is quite calm for a pup and enjoys snuggling up with her human (or any kind human she meets). She is gentle, wanting to be near you, but not demanding attention. She does get bursts of puppy energy and is happy to chew on her toys or play tug-o-war. She is very smart and is catching on to commands quickly and she is beginning to understand her new routine. She enjoys going for short walks and is adjusting very well to new sounds, places, and smells. She's already learned how exciting it is to chase crows! She is very food motivated which makes her easy to train. She has been good with her new siblings, the cats. She wants to engage but doesn't push it an respects their space. Kim is trusting and engaged. This sweet girl that has already developed a strong bond with her human and really blossoming into an amazing companion!

We look forward to following Kim's journey as she grows up in Canada.

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