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Kylie is home

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Three girls (K-sisters) were rescued from a highway in Jaipur. There were many more siblings but the others were crushed under speeding cars. So the caretaker brought them home. We were lucky enough to bring two of them to forever homes in Canada where they will life their best lives.

Kylie is a fun loving puppy! She is outgoing and playful with the humans she's met so far. She loves to run around and play with her sister Kim. She even befriended the fosters cats while in her care.

She's a typical puppy wanting lots of play time, lots of cuddles, and lots of naps. She loves belly rubs and makes the cutest little puppy grunts when you snuggle her. She is making great progress on walks, is still wary of approaching people, but loves to engage once she knows they're safe. She likes to look out the front window and stand guard, barking at passing dogs. She is a super smart, happy and loving girl. We look forward to following her journey as she grows up in Canada.

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