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Smokie is home

The rescuer was told about a mom dog giving birth to a litter down the lane from her home in Delhi. She ran out to see if everything was ok and each day went to check in on mom and pups in the alley way, bringing mom water and food. Until one day someone came to her crying, mom was injured very badly, most likely hit by a fast moving car, her stomach was ripped open. The rescuer took mama to the hospital and brought the puppies into the family home. Smokey and Inzy are the 2 last pups needing homes so we brought them to Vancouver. It's reported to us that mom was giving birth to one litter a year and they have all died, until now. She has been spayed, under the care of her rescuer and will no longer suffer the loss of her babies over and over. This super adorable pup was adopted by a very committed family in Vernon, BC. He now has 2 other dogs to play with, a dog loving cat and an enormous back yard. He now lives a life in nature with lots of time to play outside. He has some socializing to do to gain more confidence in his surroundings but we feel confident he is with the perfect pack to thrive. Sights and sounds of the city are still a little overwhelming for Smokey and being on a leash is all new to him, that's why we are so excited he was adopted out of the city. He is cautious but very loving. He stops to make friends with all the humans he meets and will melt into them for all their affection and belly rubs. As a young pup he already sleeps through the night on his own bed, with his human(s) close by and loves to be covered with a blanket. Smokey is really playful when he’s in a comfortable space and he is very well behaved in car rides, he just curls up and sleeps!

He’s a great eater and loves his food! When training, if he’s a little unfocused or stressed, treats are not as motivating as a nice excited encouraging voice to help him along.

This guy is just such a sweet loving little friend!"

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