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Tiny is home in Victoria, B.C.

Tiny arrived into our care, as shown above, at 3 months old.

This handsome Indie boy was born on the streets in a family of 5 puppies. Three were brutally crushed under the wheels of cars and died. His rescuer, an individual with so much passion for the pups, visited them on the street and cared for him and his surviving siblings. One day she noticed flies around the pups and when she looked saw a deep maggot wound next to his tail. She began raising money, when there was enough she brought him to the vet and treatment started. Now he is only 25 days old, but he survived this long in the heavy rains and high temperatures, she was convinced he would be ok. The search began for a local home in India, and no matter how hard she searched, no home could be found for the litter.

That's when we were contacted by our partner in India and we didn't hesitate to bring this beautiful little puppy to Vancouver. His home was found and secured before he even arrived on November 21st, 2019. He will now life a life filled with security, love, companionship and adventure.

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