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Purdy is home

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Purdy waking up from her nap on the table.

Born Christmas day on a field close to the rescuers home, they checked and fed the mom and litter once a day. The rescuers decided to take her and the brothers home at 7 weeks old because the puppies were starting to die living in the open exposed to the elements. So 5 of 7 puppies went home with them and became family. Did we mention the rescuers are experienced, not only have they saved many dogs, they often help out by boarding other rescuers pups.

Purdy, the only female, is very friendly and smart, confident, a leader, and a playful little prince. She is 16kg of pure ❤ and was the first to pledge allegiance to the St. Bernard rescue that was also brought to the home.

She came to Canada at 10 months old, spayed, bilingual with french & english, house trained, loves to sleep on the table in the back yard and all around a goofy little lady.

Purdy, now Puna received her happy ending and she's living with a super loving family up north in British Columbia. She even has her own Instagram page, check it out @punaaandtwopussies

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